Alpharetta, East Cobb, and Roswell, Georgia
At Purr Majesty's Service, LLC
Wynell understands that being entrusted with your pets is serious business. She offers daily visits and overnight care in your home, where your kitty feels most safe and secure. All services are customized, based on your kitty's needs, and include: 

*Provide fresh food and water
*Give treats, if allowed
*Scoop/Clean litterboxes; dispose of litter.
*Clean up "kitty accidents," if any
*Interact with plenty of Playtime and Purrtime
*Trim nails for cooperative kitties
*Administer medication (case-by-case basis)
*Provide daily Purr Diary
*and special "treats" for pet parents (established clients)
*Bring in mail & newspapers
*Water indoor plants (please, no "mini-greenhouses")
*Alternate lights and blinds
*Take trash to curb for pickup

Standard "all-inclusive" rates:
$35 per 30-minute visit
$90 per overnight stay (10-hour guarantee)
Call 770.861.0787; E-mail wmlauver@gmail.com